Norway’s Top Mental Trainer/ iTunes Top 1 Podcast Producer/ Success Mindset Coach


Norway’s Top Mental Trainer/ iTunes Top 1 Podcast Producer/ Success Mindset Coach

Frank`s background is from the private sector and more than 8 years as an entrepreneur.


After experiencing severe panic attacks over 4 months in 2011, I started my career as a Mental Trainer to fully understand human behaviour and the psychological mechanism behind various health challenges and mind blocks that stop people from living a good quality life.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people from top CEOs to athletes develop the mental strength and success skills they need to achieve their best performance. I believe every individual, regardless of their background can achieve great success, given the right mind strategies.

I also produce podcast interviews with other successful people, TV shows and online courses to inspire and teach more people how to train their brain for success and peak performance.

  • If you have an inspiring story to share, I can help you reach more people.
  • If you want to excel in your business, sports, fitness and personal development, I can teach you the mind strategies for success.
  • If panic attacks and anxiety are in your life, I know how to stop them too.

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No. 1 iTunes Podcasts Producer

The Mentaltrener podcast  - Ranked top 1 on iTunes in the health category and number 2 in any category in February.

I interview inspiring and successful people from all over the world about their mindset strategies for overcoming fear and various challenges on their journey to success. My guests range from Harvard Professors, FBI Specialagents, CEOs and health experts to extreme sport athletes and pole explorers.


 ‘’This podcast suited me. I have not found any Norwegian podcasts I like, so I mostly hear foreigners. Frank Nilsens’ podcast, really gave me what I wanted. A podcast worth subscribing to, if you like hearing about self-development, mindset, health, business, etc.!’’

The Mind coaching podcast – the English equivalent to Mentaltrener podcasten, downloaded from 390 different countries world-wide. Some of my guests include: Jordan B Peterson (one of the most popular Professors on Youtube), John Ratey (best-selling author and one of the best doctors in the US since 1997), Joe Navarro (best-selling author and former FBI special agent) and Chris Voss (former head of international hostage negotiates for the FBI).

Ekstrempodden -. Ranked top 5 in the training category on iTunes and top 50 in any category.

I interview extreme athletes from various disciplines, such as triathlon, climbing, car racing and MMA to learn more about their stories, training techniques and regimes for food and mental strength.

TV Show Host & Presenter

Fatstone TV

A TV show that I started in May with the purpose of sharing the unique stories, strategies and mental techniques of extreme athletes and performers. 

TV interview with Fremtiden i våre hender founder Erik Dammann

TV interview with Fremtiden i våre hender founder Erik Dammann

UDEMY Course Co-founder

 Using my successful knowledge and experience as a Mental Trainer, I co-created one of the highest rated personal development courses on UDEMY, reaching over 7,000 students from 145 different countries.

·         Beat Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Self-Power & Confidence – teaching proven strategies based on science and research to remove anxiety & gain more confidence & self-esteem

‘’Only a third of the way through, but I already feel like I've acquired a number of great tools and techniques to help me out. Thank you so much!’’ Muhammad Zaman