Have you heard the word meditation, but not quite understood what it is or what to do? In today's episode I have a conversation with Sara Lazar, she is Associate Researcher in Psychiatry Department at Massachusetts General Hospital and an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. The focus of her research is to elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of yoga and meditation, both in clinical settings and in healthy subjects.

Personally, I have practiced a form of focused meditation the last 4 years and have experienced the positive effect this has on the body both physically and mentally. In the conversation we are passing through the following:

  • Does meditation have an effect on stress?
  • How do you meditate?
  • How you can use meditation to get rid of a negative emotion.
  • Can you perform better by practicing meditation?
  • For how long do you have to meditate for a short and long-lasting effect
  • What impact does it have on your mind?
  • What is the difference between mindfulness and mantra meditation?
  • What impact research suggests that meditation has physical (hormonal) on your body?
  • When is it most beneficial to meditate?
  • Which diseases can meditation reduce the risk of getting?
  • How do you know if you are in some kind of altered state?
  • How you can use meditation to get through a panic attack.

With more..Enjoy

Listen to the episode: